Traditional Massage: How It Nurse You Back To Health? Massage App Zen

By Tran Doan

Feeling under the weather? Don’t want to take pills? Easily, traditional massages are here for you! A traditional massage such as Tam quat, Cao gio (coining), or Giac hoi (cupping) are popular choices for many people when they get sick because of the weather changes.

Zen – the first Vietnam on-demand massage app lets you take the right treatment out of your own place whether it’s your home or office. Read on to get to know Zen!

What is Zen?

Zen is a massage app that connects skilled massage therapists with customers who need a massage but just don’t want to line up in a massage center. In other words, Zen helps you optimize your precious time by cutting down on commuting, and appointment booking!

Zen operates similarly to how Grab, Be, Baemin, and Loship work: connect users who have demand and massage therapists who can perform the service. 

Zen – modern technology massage

Different from spontaneous on-site massage service providers, Zen is a professional delivery and coordination company.

Gone are the days when you had to go to massage centers to relax. Now, massage on demand is completely possible!

Zen – first Vietnam on-demand massage app in a nutshell

  • Zen is a platform that connects holistic massage therapists with those who have demand
  • In cities where Zen is available, you can use the Zen app to make a massage booking (Zen is only available in Ho Chi Minh City at the time being)
  • Zen automatically finds the therapist that matches the request of users
  • User can optimize their choice by choosing: massage type – duration – therapist gender 

>>> Want to order a massage in Ho Chi Minh City? 

It’s straightforward, just download the Zen app (Android, iOS) or book online at the link: https://link.zenapppro.com/book

It only takes a few minutes to book the service and massage time of their choice. 

>>> Simple – Fast – Convenient

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What is traditional massage?

Vietnamese traditional massage is a combination of clapping and punching techniques. These actions will apply pressure to the affected muscles and aid in pain relief. A crucial step in increasing the circulation required to remove toxins from your body is pressing the energy points. The first application of this therapy was for medicinal purposes.

The doctors apply pressure to muscle and energy points with their deft fingertips. Blind people have been educated to massage for a century. The energy patches that our eyes cannot see can be “seen” by their hands. It has since been improved and is now widely used for amusement.

Here we’ve compiled the 3 most popular traditional massages:

Tam quat

The deep tissue, whole-body Vietnamese Tam Quat Massage integrates Thai, Japanese, and even Swedish massage techniques in addition to ideas from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese therapies. During a session, oils and lotions may be applied.

Tam Quat focuses on body warmth and blood circulation stimulation through the use of several clapping and punching techniques (percussions) on the body, which provides the typical noises of a Tam Quat session. Other methods used include broad, continuous hand pressure, acupressure utilizing the thumbs, fingers, and knuckles on Qi acupoints, and a variety of stretches.

Tam Quat massages soothe tension in the muscles and tendons as well as general aches and pains. They also stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems, which remove waste from the body (detoxification).

Giac hoi – Cupping

Local suction is produced on the skin during cupping therapy, sometimes referred to as cupping massage, which is a form of traditional medicine. To raise the skin and top muscle layers, little cups or pots made of glass, bamboo, bronze, buffalo horn, copper, or these days, plastic are placed on the skin.

The fundamental theory behind cupping is that it increases blood and lymph circulation to heal skin conditions, colds, respiratory conditions including pneumonia and bronchitis, and aches by boosting the immunological and neurological systems as well as easing tight muscles.

  • Fire Cupping

When using fire cupping, the cup is heated from the inside out with a flame in order to burn off the oxygen and produce a vacuum. It is swiftly applied to the skin to induce suction of the superficial muscle layers and skin tissue.

Sometimes, massage oil is used to create a better seal as well as to help the cups glide over the body’s muscle groups when massaging. Other names for this include “gliding” and “sliding cupping.”

  • Dry Cupping

The only difference between Dry Cupping and Fire Cupping is that no flame or other heat source is used. Usually, a pumping mechanism is used to create a vacuum. Sliding and gliding techniques can be used in conjunction with dry cup massage.

Cao gio – Coining

Vietnamese ethnomedicine known as Cao Gio has been used for thousands of years. According to Vietnamese mythology, all bodily aches and disorders are caused by the “wind” in the blood.

The word “Cao Gio” is Vietnamese which is translated into English as “Catch the breeze.” The wind in this illustration stands for the “evil wind” that has entered the blood, which is removed from the body by the Cao Gio therapy. That is Cao Gio’s trade secret for healing.

It has its own quirks and individuality despite sharing a great deal with Chinese Gua Sha. Gua Sha and Cao Gio are frequently compared. Although they preserve regional or localized peculiarities, they are a part of the collective stock of historic traditional and ethnic medicines from the Southeast.

The skin is scraped in a certain way during this procedure. The scraping sends a nasty blood wind just below the skin’s surface. From there, it escapes via the skin-scraping routes (bruises caused by abrasion).

The only tool used in Cao Gio for dermabrasion (scraping of skin) is a coin; as a result, the procedure is also known as “coining.” Any readily available coin is utilized. The only prerequisite is that the edges be smooth to avoid flesh wounds.

Booking a traditional massage with Zen – It’s about time!

Zen – the first massage-on-demand app in Vietnam was born to meet the needs of customers. Zen helps you optimize your timetable to the fullest and make the most of your relaxing moments.

Zen make the most of your relaxing moments
Zen makes the most of your relaxing moments

Booking– Enjoy – Refresh– Repeat

Download Zen app (iOs or Android) or book a booking right here: https://link.zenapppro.com/book

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Special discount this Christmas for Zen users
Special discount this Christmas for Zen users

Zen – Relaxation. Anytime, Anywhere.

>>> Join the community of massage lovers on Zen’s Facebook or leave a comment about your experience below to spread this energy and joy to many people!

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